Eddy Tan Boon Hoe & Nancy Ng Giok Ten


Due to financial difficulties, I was not able to further my studies after completing my Form Six education. I worked as a laboratory assistant in an oil palm mill and after many years, I was promoted to Mill Manager. My wife, Giok Ten, faced a similar situation. She had to work to support her brothers and sisters. In December 1983, we were introduced to Amway and decided to try one last time.

After attending several meetings, we made up our minds to commit ourselves to the business. We qualified as Direct Distributors in December 1985, Pearl Direct Distributors in March 1991, Emerald Direct Distributors in August 1991 and in February 1995 became Diamond Direct Distributors. There are many challenges in the Amway business. There will always be people trying to put you down, but do not listen, do not quit. If you do, you will only prove them right. Remember: Quitters Never Win, Winners Never Quit.

Lee Yon Siong & Leong Siew Fun



After graduation in the United States I wanted to return home and start a new business. I was so full of aspiration that time, but things are often counterproductive. Even so, though faced with all sorts of challenges I never gave up and continue to press on. I suffered terribly but at the same time it honed me to be the person I am today. My friend recommended me AMWAY and I remember during that period of time, every big and small corporation were faced with economy uncertainty except for AMWAY. It showed us that AMWAY has a clear future and an unstoppable trend. With nothing to lose mentality, we decided to give it a try.

My friends, if you are brave enough to make decision, follow the right people and do the right thing then success is in your hands. By following BWW system and procedure, your dreams will come true! Along the way, we need to remain calm and positive to face all challenges and rejections. It is only when we ‘face it’, ‘accept it’, ‘deal with it’ and ‘let it go’ then we will be able to solve any kinds of predicament and experience a wonderful life ahead of us.


Mohd. Aris Akib & Noraya Abdul Hamid


Despite our busy careers, we never used “having no time” or “our children are too young” as excuses. Instead, we made time for the business because we knew it was a way to a better lifestyle and realize our dreams. Our seven children are our inspiration and the underlying reason why we went into this business, and how we can see the generations working together. It is their inheritance and it is a golden opportunity that changes lives.

When we went to Mecca in 1994, we did nothing for three months but the income from the business still came in regularly. Thus, our confidence in the business rose and we pepped up our determination to help others achieve their goals. We continued working the business with enthusiasm and became Diamond Directs in 1998. It enables us to have steady income each month and accumulate wealth.

Today, with the support of the BWW system and team, we have a growing organization of people expanding their business both locally and globally. We have great confidence in the main partner and by following the BWW system, we see strong leadership development in our team and structured business growth. It is a win win situation and success in this business is about helping somebody else succeed.


Ramly Bin Mohd. Pungut & Norlizah Binti Mohd. Reduan


I used to be a school clerk and my husband operated his own private schools. Ours lives were separate and very hectic because we had different dreams and goals. In July 1989, Direct Distributors Rosminah Bahrin, and her husband, Allahyarham Hidir, introduced the Amway opportunity to me. After some months, I became very excited and was ready to start my Amway business.

Our sponsors offered these words of wisdom: “We can’t turn our dreams into reality if we work for others.” After attending a few meetings, we discovered that it was a very unique opportunity. Together, we made a decision to seriously build our Amway business.

In December 1991, we reached the Direct Distributor and Ruby Direct Distributor levels at the same time. This qualified us for our very first Amway Leadership Seminar to Sydney, Australia in 1992. Since then, every year, we travel on all-expense paid trips by Amway. In August 2000,we became Diamond Direct Distributors.

To attain success, it is important to have a vision. To succeed you may need to make sacrifices. The reward that you gain will be well worth these sacrifices you make.

We want to thank our sponsors, our uplines, Diamond Direct Distributor Tan Boon Hoe & Giok Ten. A big thank you also goes to all the leaders who have supported us in achieving this success. ‘Wining is not everything, but the ability to achieve it is what matters the most.’




Vincent Loh Wai Yew & Fern Teoh








Vincent Yong Yean Tze & Rina Tean Mimi


Brought up by parents who operated their own direct selling company and insurance network,Vincent grew up to be independent with sound business acumen. He launched his first business venture while studying in the US. But, it wasn't successful and landed him in debt. In his second year of study,  Vincent's business partner invited him to an Amway meeting.

Seeing people from all walks of life sharing their stories on how they overcame challenges and became successful in Amway, Vincent knew that by succeeding in Amway, his story would help encourage people to live better lives.

After graduating, Vincent started his Amway business full time in Malaysia. His immediate hurdle was overcoming his lack of self confidence. lt was a big challenge and required tremendous courage as Vincent was an introvert, but he succeeded thanks to the leadership training provided by his upline team. He also faced strong opposition from his parents but Vincent's persistence and enthusiasm eventually inspired his siblings to sign up. Attending a conference also convinced his parents to do the same.

Returning from Australia with a Marketing degree, Rina's immediate goal was to find a marketing job with a high income and travel opportunities. Realising that Vincent's business involved marketing at a global scale, Rina signed up. Her parents, who were supportive, also signed up.

Rina learned to be disciplined and organised, and learning from books as well as her uplines, she honed her interpersonal skill. Once unable to relate to people from different age groups and background, Rina has since inspired many to move forward in this business.

 Quote Of The Week


“An obstacle is often a stepping stone.” Prescott


"绊脚石往往就是你的垫脚石" - Presscott


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