Hoe Chew Teik & Chong Choon Siew

Having been in textile business for more than an decade, we’d always desired success. We even overcame the economic downturn. Before signing up as Amway distributors, we had achieved a measure of success in our own business. Although my family and friends were distributors for more than 20 years ago, I was negative towards direct selling. I thought it was nothing more than a pyramid scheme that offered quick profit to people who locked opportunities by starting a petty business. 

When we met our Bee Leng, we bought the Air Treatment System for my father on 22 December 2006 and with her help, we understood the features of successful Amway business. In April 2007, we signed up as distributors, attained the platinum pin in September 2007 and Emerald pin in July 2009. We believed the only way to be successful in this business is to follow our upline leaders to unlearn and relearn, place 100% faith and effort to listen to their advice. We also gained the experience, knowledge and wisdom that are unobtainable from conventional business.

Amway is a simple business. Accumulate small successes, do the right things and bit by bit, you achieve extraordinary results. A self confident person overcomes challenges and creates miraculous success in life. We would like to thank sponsors Tan Siak Beng & Bee Bee, Emerald Bee Leng, Diamond Vincent Loh & Fern Teoh, Diamond Dexter Khaw & Celine, and EDC Alvin Tham.

我俩从事纺织业20多年,在创业方面我们就有较强烈的成功欲望。曾经面对过几次经济风暴,但我们都坚持的度过。没有从事安利之前,我们在自己的生意已有一点的小成就。20年前,我家人和朋友都有从事安利事业。那时,我非常排斥直销,因为我所知道的直销行业是金字塔暴力的生意,也是给一些没机会的人从事的小生意。没想到2006年12月22日,通过购买空气清净机给我父亲用就遇见一个贵人,他们就是翡翠Tan Teik Keat和Ang Bee Ling。就因为通过他们让我看懂完整的安利,从2007年4月份我们下定决心要从事安利。就在同一年的9月份我们上了DD,2009年7月份做上了翡翠。当我们决定从事这个生意的时候,我们相信和跟随上级领袖,以归零的心态开始学习,要100%坚持信念和真诚付出,才能吸纳别人的智慧和经验。在这两年里,我们学习到很多在传统生意里所学不到的知识和智慧。其实安利是个很简单的事业。只要不停的累积小成功和做对事的次数比人多,累积成为大成就,就会得到不平凡的好结果。谨此感谢保荐人DD直系直销商Tan Siak Beng,翡翠直系直销商Tan Teik Keat和Ang Bee Ling,钻石直系直销商Vincent Loh和Fern Teoh,钻石直系直销商Dexter Khaw和Celine Goh,DD直系直销商Tan Beng Choong和Yew Ah Bee,执行钻石直系直销商Alvin Tham Wai Kim夫妇. 一个成功的秘诀就是:当我们相信时,它就会发生一个内心充满自信的人就能拥有无穷的力量,克服艰难险阻,创造人间的奇迹。

John Chin Yong Kong & Wong Siew Ying

用+学+做+教,是《消费中经营》的成功秘诀,一个人人都能接受的理念。BWW国际系统是一个人人都能复制的教育系统,赶紧把这好消息告诉身边的朋友。 有《消费中经营》及BWW国际系统可以带给他们更好的生活方式。BWW国际商学院的导师们都会全力的支持你们迈向财务自由及时间自由。 我们很荣幸选择这份事业,一个全球最稳健及有保障的事业,通过倍增时间计划,不是只赚取收入,而是赚取财富的事业,更可以免费海外旅游及拥有精彩的人生。

我们夫妇的梦想是走偏全球及协助更多要成功,要改变的人迈向财务自由及时间自由的生活方式。谨此感谢协助我们迈向成功的尊师们, Eddy & Nancy Tan , Mohd Aris & Noraya及Vincent & Rina Yong。无私的领导,培训,教育与合作,谢谢你们。

Use+Learn+Do+Teach is the secret/recipe for success of “Prosumer Concept” - a concept that can be accepted by everyone. BWW System is a system that can be easily duplicated by anyone. Do not hesitate to tell all your friends that “prosumer concept” business and “BWW System” can change their life. BWW Biz School and all the leaders will give a full support toward achieving financial freedom, time freedom and a better way of life. We are very blessed in this business because this is a reputable, stable and a global business. Through time, we earn not only an income but the wellness, free overseas trips and also a great life.

Our dreams are to travel around the world and assist more people who want to succeed in achieving their financial freedom and also freedom in their time. I would like to thank our mentor, Eddy & Nancy Tan , Mohd Aris & Noraya and Vincent & Rina Yong for their selfless leadership, training and guidance. Thank you.

Murugan & Jainthee


We were teachers for many years, but deep inside we felt unfulfilled. We didn’t want to wait until we reach 55 years old to enjoy ourselves and then somehow survive on our meager pension for the rest of our life. Life should be more than that. We had big dreams. At first, we were not keen to join Amway. But after meet few leaders at Amway HQ we were convinced. Although we were criticized and discouraged by our relatives and close friends we join Amway.

We made a commitment to Amway business and were determined to preserve till we succeed. It was much gladness we become Emerald Directs in 2000. Amway has brought changes in our lives. We used to be apart because of teaching job, but now we can enjoy a close marriage life. We have enjoyed fully paid travel seminars by Amway to Los Angeles, World Head Quarters of Amway at ADA Michigan, Nutrilte Experience Seminar at Buena Park, Las Vegas, Alaska and Melbourne, Australia.

Our mission does not end here. We aspire to achieve more success in this business. Don’t limit your ambitions. There is no such thing as failure in Amway, when we follow Britt System soulfully. Don’t ever give up before you achieve your goals. If you can convince just two persons, yourself and your actively growing system upline, success will be surely yours. Go Cam! 


Muthu & Sheela


We were both government servants, worked as court interpreters for ten to fifteen years. This business was introduced by my sister and brother in law (Dr. Soma & Jeya). We started part time initially. 

After three years, we qualified as Direct Distributors and Shela resigned from the job to take care of my kids and business. When both of us qualified as Emeralds, we started to involve fulltime in the business whereby now we have the time freedom and nobody can control our time. We strongly believe that this business will give us and our kids the best future and lifestyle.

Other than money and time, through this business we were able to associate with successful leaders, have healthier life with nutrition, peaceful mind and all with God’s blessing. Our kids are growing in the business with a positive mindset, well nourished with Nutrilite and they are big dreamers too now.

We believe this business can change everybody’s life provided you focus in the business, have a strong faith in Britt World Wide System and the Amway Company.


Ng Pik Lai


Money is not everything ,  but everything requires money. I was an accounts clerk earning a modest income while my husband ran his own business amidst a highly competitive environment. We were very busy with just weekends to spare. 

Initially, we joined Amway business  just for  consuming  the products. However, after attending  Amway  function , we realized the true values of the business.

Amway business not only rewards financially free but it also gives ‘HOPE’. We gained hope and passed it to family members, friends and peoples around the world.

Today, I am a full-time IBO, full-time wife and the best is becoming full-time mother with earning income every month from Amway. 

We would like to thank our mentor EDC Alvin Tham Wai Kim and his wife for their care, support , encouragement  and leadership. Thank you to BWW for providing us a proven successful system.


Tham Wai Hong & Wang Chuen Yi


当年因为被安利的世袭保障吸引而加入。当时我和太太都在一家旅游公司上班,那时旅游业蓬勃发展,我们的收入也让我们生活安逸。我们在未婚前就已认识安利,可是却在结了婚,拥有3个小孩后才真正看懂安利这美好的事业。从认识到看懂期间,旅游业经历天灾人祸的影响。同期我们的上线保荐人,即我哥哥钻石直系Alvin Tham也决定再次启动他的安利事业。在他的鼓励与协助下,我们决定再次作好计划发展安利事业。在2005年4月,我太太也全职协助我一起发展安利。



谨此衷心感谢安利公司全体职员,上线保荐人钻石直系Alvin Tham夫妇对我们不离不。 感谢我们的父母及家人的大力支持。


Thayalan & Parwadi


Semua usaha kami berbaloi apabila kami layak sebagai Pengedar Terus Platinum dalam masa setahun. Kami mencapai Penyandang Perak pada Ogos 1999, Penyandang Emas pada Oktober 1999, Pengedar Terus Platinum pada April 2000, Pengedar Terus Nilam pada Jun 2008 dan Pengedar Terus Zamrud pada Ogos 2008. 

Untuk Berjaya dalam hidup, kami tahu kami perlu membina perniagaan yang berisiko rendah – perniagaan Amway adalah salah satu daripadanya kerana ia memerlukan modal permulaan yang kecil dan oleh itu tidak berisiko dari segi kewangan. Apa yang kami lakukan ialah menggunakan produk Amway dan berkongsi pengalaman kami dengan orang lain. 

Untuk berjaya dalam perniagaan ini, adalah penting untuk memiliki sifat-sifat ini: berani, berfikiran positif, sentiasa bekerja keras, tabah dan jangan memperdulikan mereka yang tiada apa-apa kecuali pengalaman negative until dikongsi. Menghadiri acara dan perjumpaan Amway, serta menduplikasikan usaha-usaha anda dengan rakan-rakan juga akan membantu. 

Kami belum lagi tiba ke destinasi kami dalam perjalanan menuju kejayaan ini; kami sebenarnya baru sahaja bermula. Memang menjadi niat kami untuk membantu semua ahli dalam kumpulan kami supaya mereka juga dapat melihat gambar dan cerita kejayaan mereka dalam Amagram. 

Kami ingin berterima kasih kepada penaja kami Loga & Santhi, pengedar atasan kami Pengedar Terus Zamrud Muthualagu & Shela, Pengedar Terus Platinum Pengasas Soma & Jaya yang sentiasa di samping kami ketika kami memerlukan bantuan. Kami juga berterima kasih kepada semua kakitangan Amway, terutama dari RDC Kuantan. 



William Law Siong Wah & Hoe Ching Siang




2 喝喝茶~聊聊天~吹吹风~邀请有心创业又有梦想的人一起合作整合消费市场罢了~



Wong Soon Fai & Cynthia Lem


I signed up Amway when I was 18 years old, but I didn't try to develop my business because I was still schooling then. When I graduated from college at 21 years old, I started to build my business on part time basis. I took 2 1/2 years to achieve the Platinum Direct Distributor level. Two years later I met my wife, Cynthia, through Amway. 

Cynthia & I were star performers in the bank credit card line. Still, no matter how outstandingly we performed in our career, we admired the lifestyle of absolute freedom and passive income of Amway Diamond Direct Distributors. However, after achieving as Platinum Direct Distributor for 8 years, there was still no breakthrough in our business until we met BWW System in September 2009. With follow the success way of BWW system, we made much progress in our business, culminating in our qualifying as Emerald Direct Distributors in August 2010. 


Wong Toong Poo & Chen Choong Lun


Tomorrow will never be better, unless change your thinking today. “Change brand” really can change your future!  Prosumer concept is a map for changing life!

Thanks to Dr Bill Quain the author of “Prosumer power”, Dr Steve Price the author of “Household Gold”, Robert. T. Kiyosaki the author of “Rich Dad Financial Freedom”, BWW and mentors, I deeply realized that kept reading, attending seminar, be teachable and counsel, be accountable and responsible, our future will certainly be all wishes come true!

My wife and I enjoy all 5 stars oversea trip including Hong Kong, Beijing, Sydney, Gold Coast, Los Angles Disneyland, Las Vegas, Hawaii and Seoul because we are active Prosumer. If you willing to learn 6-12 months in BWW, 100% follow BWW system, your success in Amway business will be 100%




Yap Beng Hoon & Dorothy Sim


With years of hectic, long hour working life as a Petrol Station Manager and my wife Dorothy working as an Account Assistant in a plantation, we were not able to fulfill our dreams. 

One evening I attended a business presentation I saw security with Legacy, Freedom with lifestyle and opportunity for free travel. We decided to do the business seriously. We attended seminars, weekly meetings, rallies, listen to tapes, and read books. These functions and tools gave us the knowledge and skill to build the business.

Because of our small decision and a very strong desire coupled with our persistence and focus, we became Direct Distributors in 13 months. Our lives had changed tremendously. We are more caring, more positive and more loving. 

The greatest joy is seeing people transformed from negative to positive, from “I cannot” to “let me try”, from “I have no time” to “I shall find time”, from complaining to explaining. If we can do it, you can do it too.  Go CAM.


 Quote Of The Week


“An obstacle is often a stepping stone.” Prescott


"绊脚石往往就是你的垫脚石" - Presscott


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