Edwin Tan Hing Jiau & Janet Wooi

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Due to our humble beginnings, we had known all along that to improve our quality of life, we would have to put in more effort than others. 

Janet used to be an accountant, but she now works in the education sector. Meanwhile, I have always been into building my own business, dabbling in various fields that included entertainment, interior design and renovation, as well as import and export. I have always believed that only by becoming an entrepreneur could you reap the highest rewards. Therefore, we worked diligently, channelling our energies and time into conventional business ventureshoping we could build a better life for our family.

I only came to know of AMWAY™ through a good friend who happened to also be my supplier. He signed up first and never ceased to share the business opportunity and its potential with us, which we were completely unaware of at first. Seeing our friend’s much improved physical appearance after becoming a Distributor roused our curiosity. Finally, we let him talked us into attending an opportunity meeting. We could see immense potential in AMWAY, but couldn’t find a way to fit it into our already hectic schedule.

Dexter Khaw Tee Jin & Celine Goh See Lin

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