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I m a retired lawyer. Retired not through my profession, but through tis beautiful biz.

What was the reason I started this biz? I was & still a crazy lover for freedom. I m not only loving freedom, I m thirsty of freedom(饥渴自由)!!! Unfortunately, a good income fr my profession is not able to set me free, until I met Amway whereas the passive inheritable income thru tis biz is able to set me free fr my job. I love my profession, i love law since young, dun get me wrong, but in my job, 80% of my time is not dealing with law but challenging office politic.

What is the reason tat keep me stay in the biz? It's BWW philosophy tat transform me n hold me through all the ups n downs.

BWW teaches me: 'The highest reward for man's dedication to excellence is not what one gets from it but what he or she becomes through it.' 人类追求卓越的最高奖赏,不是你得到了什么,而是一路上你成为了什么。

What a wisdom, this biz is more than $. If u are looking for big $, u can start a traditional biz; if u are looking for fast money, u may venture into share market; if u only want to earn extra $200, u can do any partime, even baby sitting can give u more. But, if u are looking for sustainable $ with peace of mind, self-actualization, this is the right plc n tis is the right grp of ppl for u!

Dear all, all our breakthroughs are purely to assist u find the COURAGE to keep the FAITH. The FAITH that once make u feel so hopeful about life & ur future... We are here to let u know, its POSSIBLE. And its worth all the hardship, challenges & sacrifices. COURAGE is not the absence of fear, COURAGE is acting in the face of fear. Its being afraid of something & still DO IT ANYWAY!!!!!

Without my awesome mentors, Founders Emerald, William Law & Hoe Ching Shiang; Diamond Vincent & Rina Yong, Anna Tan can never stand a chance to arrive at tis beautiful phase of life. My mentors deserve all the credits n I m just the blessed one to be recognised and received all the glory.

Dear all, if I can do it, u can definitely do it better than me! C u at the TOP!!

Warm regards,
Anna Tan

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