Open Meeting Guidelines

Program Grid

Total duration (Approx) : 1Hour, 45 Minutes
1. Announcement of Integrity Statement : By Meeting Host
1. Speaker Introduction / Invite : 3 Minutes
2. Showing the Plan (STP) : 45Minutes
3. Recognition : 7 Minutes
4. Announcements : 3 Minutes
5. Break : 5 Minutes
6. Product Training (Amway Products) : 40 Minutes

The “Do’s” for Any Open Meeting

Arrangements at the venue : 1 1⁄2 hour prior
Sale of BWW Tickets and Tools : 1 hour prior
Display : Britt Tools only
BWW Poster Display : Place of High Visibility
Guests / invitees to be treated with dignity Seating arrangements for guests/invitees : In the front rows

The “Dont’s” for Any Open Meeting

Music during the Open Meetings
Exaggeration of speaker pin level or status.
Excited statements
No Question and Answer Session
National Anthem at the close of Open
Reference to any religion, race, community
Statements to press by host or coordinator
Unauthorized Tools/announcements 

Integrity Statement

Many invitees make a decision to join this business after attending this meeting. It is expected and recommended that they join this business essentially with the person or in consultation with the person (local or international) who has invited them to this meeting and has shown them the plan / introduced them to this business opportunity.

BWW recognizes the honorary commitment of the Meeting Host to conduct this meeting professionally and treat all invited guests with dignity on behalf of BWW.

Seating Arrangement

Guest seating should be seated in the front rows. The Greeters and ushers should ensure that the guests are treated well and seated in prominent place.

Responsibility of the Greeters

Welcome the Guests / invitees at the door.

Responsibility of the Ushers

To accompany the guests / invitees and accommodate them in the front rows

Speaker Introduction

Introduction By: Meeting Host 
Time span: 3minutes.

Sample Introduction: Audience welcome, Brief & Professional speaker introduction For e.g.:

Mr. (name of Speaker) is a good friend of mine, (Speakers educational background). The business he is going to talk about, has made him wealthy and he would now like to share this business opportunity with us. Please help me welcome (Speaker name)”.

Things to avoid when Speaker comes on stage: No Music, No whistling, No Warm Up

Showing The Plan

By: Speaker
Time Span: 
Max. 45minutes.

For a lady to show the plan, upline Diamond permission is necessary.


By:Meeting Host Time
Span:3 minutes.

The host must thank the Speaker and start announcements quickly after the speaker winds up STP.

Nature of announcements:
Next meeting dates
Seminar, Rally
Availability of Britt tools
Mail Order
SOCD/Book of the Month Subscriptions


By:Meeting Host

Time Span: 7 minutes

Recognition for Recognition order:  Available local leaders/Available pins

1) First timers
2) Recent joinees
3) 3%
4) 6% 
5) 9% 
6) 12%
7) 15%
8) 18%
9) 21% 
10) Directs
11) Ruby Directs 
12) Emeralds
13) Diamonds

Recognition type:
1.Below silvers : Seat recognition
2.Silvers & up: Stage recognition (allowed name & profession only) 
3. Diamonds : Stage recognition (allowed 1min max.)


Announced By: Meeting Host
Time Span: 5 minutes

 The host should also announce that the guests may leave and should they have any questions or clarifications on what to do next, they may contact the person who had invited them to the meeting. Those who do not wish to leave may remain at the venue. After the 5-minute break a brief training is conducted for the distributors.

Training (Amway Products)

By:Speaker (Product Specialist)
Time Span:40 minutes.

The speaker may take between 35 to 40 minutes for general Amway Products Training. The talk shall cover few categories of products with following points in brief........

  • Product development and research done on it. 
  • Patents won and its eco-friendly nature. 
  • Unique features (USP) of the products and its use with demonstration.
  • Effective cost per usage and its economy in the long run to be emphasized 
  • PV/BV advantage 
  • Guaranteed satisfaction OR 100% Refund.

Speaker would be silver and above; and could be from home location or invited from outside location considering his expertise in the subject or topic.

The speaker however, should avoid any technical training, as this is only refresher and not an in-depth training.


By:Meeting Host

It is mandatory to mention that the prospect should contact the person who invited them to the meeting. The local leader is assigned this responsibility. The promotion of the forthcoming events and announcement of the next open meetings in the town must be repeated.

It is essential that the official Britt host hold a meeting with local leaders to encourage their involvement and distribute responsibilities. Proper advance notice of the leaders meeting and general convenience should be kept in mind. 

Host Charges / Fees

The host fee per meeting payable by BWW depends on the attendance:

  1. If attendance is up to 200 persons, the Host Fee is RM50 
  2. If attendance is beyond 300 persons, the host fee would be RM100 per meeting.

This amount maybe deducted from the Surplus, while being remitted to BWW. For any clarification please contact your Local BWW office – Operations Branch In-charge

Criteria for A New Open Meeting

Authorizations By:Upline Diamond
Recognized by
:BWW The new open meeting should have a Host & a Co-Host

BWW Open Meetings local hosts in any region or location are requested to obtain this authorization prior to announcement of any open meeting.

Attendance Minimum attendance: 50 persons
Less than 50: Special Approval from BWW along with the Upline Diamond.

Undertaking For Quality & Content

Undertaking ByMeeting Host and Speaker
Format of Undertaking: Enclosed
Responsibility: Upline Diamond

The Upline Diamond shall be responsible for all necessary authorizations and ensure that the quality and content of the Open Meeting is maintained as per BWW Open Meeting guidelines

Publishing & Announcement of Open Meeting

Details of OMs By: Meeting Host
Prerequisite: intimation to BWW 1 month prior to event date and undertaking from Host
Details published in : I BWW Website plus BWW Meetings flyer

Meeting Host

10th of every month will be set as the deadline to submit details of all confirmed Open Meetings of the immediate next month.

Registration Fees for Open Meeting

Fee: RM 6 (BWW Business & Training Center); RM 8 for venues other than the BWW Business & Training Center. Guest shall have free entry. Registration for the IBOs as well as the guests shall be compulsory in the prescribed format

Authorized by:

Upline Diamond and Britt Worldwide

Materials for BWW Open Meetings : BWW banner requisition to BWW Office Regional Office by the Host

Open Meeting Tickets  Requisition by Local host 

Minimum Order Quantity :Total No. required for 3 months through BWW Office

Feedback & Funds Management

By : Meeting Host & Meeting Co-Host
Attendance Info. & Self Declaration Form for Expenses : To reach BWW office by 15th of Next month signed by Host and Co-host

All collections / surpluses (funds) from the BWW Open Meeting after deduction of expenses incurred should be forwarded to BWW vide cheque or draft in favor of “Britt Worldwide Sdn Bhd” The same maybe submitted at the BWW Office. It will be the Upline Diamond’s responsibility to ensure that this happens.

Responsibility Role of Upline Diamond : to guide & ensure that the Hosts in his/her team are adhering to the open meeting guidelines

Prerequisite Quality Assurance : list of the Hosts he has authorized as BWW Open Meeting Hosts

A QA Team designated by BWW will visit BWW Opens to verify adherence to guidelines and submit a detailed report. The hosts will be informed in advance of such visits.

Responsibility Awareness

The undertaking signed by the speaker and the host will indicate the responsibility to adhere to the guidelines and form the basis of adherence to Government, Legal and BWW and Amway guidelines / policies.

Revolving Responsibility

Every year the Host responsibility should change and the Upline Diamond will decide on the Open Meeting Hosts from his team on the basis of :

  1. Strong representation in terms of numbers at that open (The Host would have a lot to lose, if the meeting is not conducted in the manner it is designed).
  2. Upline Diamond’s personal comfort and the proposed Hosts’ standing with BWW.

Misleading Statements

Any material or reference that is deceptive or misleading relating to :

  1. Introducing someone to the business, by doing whatever it takes to get the recruit to the meeting.
  2. Profitability or any guaranteed income references to Amway business.

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