To develop leaders within the group. To develop NEW teachers and leaders in a cozy, more intimate, learning and friendship building environment, especially for new IBO.


No pin level restrictions – hence the need to break into smaller teams.

Features Of The Team Meeting:

Not too huge

Compact enough to create and develop new teachers and leaders, ideal size 50-100. The implications of huge numbers at team meetings is that all the Platinums will not get to teach, and therefore will be eliminated from the stage, defeating the purpose of the meeting. See examples below.

Recommended Teachers

Teaching by about 6 to 7 teachers (Platinum level), with wrap up by the bigger pin (say Emerald or Diamond or Sapphire). This will be determined on a case-to-case basis by the upline Diamond or authorized Emerald.

Not Like BBS

This is NOT a BBS, therefore no elaborate stage arrangements, rallies or attitude sessions. Keep stage and mike arrangements simple. The size of the meeting should be such that the person in the last row can see the speaker. Therefore, the BBS-like video screens are not permitted. It should NEVER be just one BIG speaker, rather multiple teachers.


a.Warm up b.Pin recognition of new pins since last mega function c.Speaker 1: Importance of Dreams (for e.g. could include slide shows from ALS) d.Speaker 2: First 2 of the 4 basics e.Speaker 3: Next 2 of the 4 basics f.9 core steps shared teaching by different Speakers g.Cardinal Rules h.Importance of Eagle i.PROMOTION of the next BBS or Mega Function, or new product launches j.Demos if time permits

These are guidelines. Sometimes each speaker may cover one of the 4 basics (depending on the number of Leaders and time available).


Tool sales will be done at the venue.

Clarifying Purpose

Again, the objective is to build new Leaders and have smaller meetings, for an intimate environment to meet new people and interact with them before and after, walk them to the tools counter and show them what is available. However, this cannot be accomplished if the numbers are large. Big pins should realize that these meetings are not for their recognition, but to counsel & encourage upcoming IBOs.

Hence, the Upline leader should break up a huge team into smaller team meetings. For example, an Emerald may hold a separate team meeting for his non-Platinum legs and may or may not include one of his growing Platinum leg.


Not exceeding 4 hours, including time for mingling and tools sales before and after.

Handling Money

When a leader retains the surplus money from the team meetings himself, it has a negative ripple in the group and in the business. We have seen huge groups decline when the leader has taken the distribution of money in his own hands.

To avoid legal issues and misuse of funds, the only form of system income that leaders can expect or accept will be the money that is distributed by BWW, Malaysia. As such, all surpluses should be turned over to BWW.

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