Dear IBO leader,

BWW’s motto is “Empowering people around the world”. And that is the spirit of free enterprise. We believe that an IBO should have the freedom to run his/her business with minimum interference. However, boundaries have to be established so that laws are not broken, and trust, unity and loyalty not destroyed. One loses his right to freedom if the exercise of his freedom takes away or affects someone else’s ability to exercise their freedom.

BWW is implementing a Zero tolerance policy effective immediately to protect your business and the overall well being (viability) of Amway and BWW. This policy will be updated as required. BWW is in submission to the country’s laws and to the Amway Malaysia rules. Apart from this, we have to ask ourselves these two very important common sense questions, whenever we do something new in the organization:

  1. Can this be duplicated? 
  2. If the answer is “Yes”, then the next - Do we want this to be duplicated?

With the above in mind, following is the first release of BWW’s Zero tolerance policy:


Anyone found to be involved in, responsible for, or promoting the following will be immediately declared as “not in good standing” with BWW and will be suspended from the BWW education system. While under suspension from BWW System, they will not be allowed to buy tools, attend or participate in any BWW event, and their speaking privileges will be immediately revoked.

    • IBOs interacting inappropriately with crosslines- passing negative or ill will or anything that is derogatory or de-edifying. 
    • IBOs inviting cross-line leaders to meetings without the express approval of both their upline Diamonds and BWW.
    • Doing meetings and/or sharing BWW information, including but not limited to tools, Policies, BWW system etc, with crosslines within or outside of BWW.
    •  Seeking information from Non BWW systems is also considered inappropriate crosslining. 

** Please note that sensitive information such as outlined above should only be discussed with the upline counselor.

    • IBO Leaders may NOT keep and/or distribute money arising from meeting income overages. ALL accounts and income need to be submitted to the BWW office.
    • A “BWW Tool” is a tool approved, manufactured and/or originated from BWW in Malaysia, USA or any other BWW market. Anything else is a “Non-BWW” tool. This includes, but is not limited to literature, audio tapes, CDs, books, MP3 data or Any BSM which does not originate and is not authorized by BWW. Please note that duplication in any form of an authorized BWW tool or an authorized Amway tool is considered as a violation of the rule. 
    • Obviously IBOs can use any Amway approved tool pertaining to products, distribution and corporate information.
    • It is not recommended for Diamonds & Up to run their own Team Meetings. As it does not justify the objective of developing leaders within the group and the purpose of running team meetings gets defeated. All existing Diamonds & Up Team Meetings have been discontinued if any such Team Meetings are scheduled and if they are seen as competing or deemed to be competing with BWW meetings directly or indirectly, then upon such event BWW will be forced to take action against that Diamond which will be a formal warning and even then if such act continues it will lead to suspension of that respective Diamond from BWW System.
    • Center Meetings run by Leaders should not divulge in activities which are seen as competing or deemed to be competing with BWW seminars and functions. If any such meetings are brought to our notice the respective leader conducting such meetings will be issued a warning letter and it is expected that such meetings will immediately be discontinued. However, if such meetings continue to run then it will lead to suspension of that leader from Britt Worldwide.

IBOs in violation of any of the above will be immediately suspended without warning.

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